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aww, neat!

The characters are so charming, and the games are fun yet challenging! 10/10

Did not expect to  play a full game of sudoku but here I am. It was fun and nice presentation.

I love it! 

Kiki is my fave <3 

this game is sexy

i'm in love with the art (and with the game too)! i'm really looking forward to the next phase of this game because this is a great prototype.

good work!

I really like the concept of this, and the art is really amazing!! I love being able to just play old computer games but imagine I'm NOT sitting in a darkened room by myself! If you go through with this, I think maybe you should give aligning text in textboxes along the left, it's hard to read along with the scrolling text when it's constantly moving outwards from the middle.

aa thanku!! i actually added the scrolling at the last second, so it wasn't really thought-out gfdsdhf

but ye, proper scrolling will certainly happen in the Massive UI Redesign Phase (which is the next one actually). thanks for the feedback!!!

This is a great prototype!!! The general idea is really interesting, I love that the menu options work seamlessly through dialogue lines! The games are fun and the character design is amazing! I'd love to see where it goes if you decide to keep working on it!