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Terrinha is a lil game about a bunny, who must try to survive in a circular planet, small enough that you can always stay under the sun by simply walking. grow carrots, craft better tools, try not to get attacked by spiders, and please don't eat meat, come on, you're a bun.

the game is a game jam project made for Ludum Dare #38 in the span of 3 days. the theme of the game jam was "A Small World".


  • caillard (drew lots of stuff)
  • gio (vxdeed) (drew nice icons)
  • raphaelgoulart (made cute sfx and bgm)
  • olmewe (coded and also drew a bun)

external links:


windows 16 MB
linux 34 MB
mac 32 MB


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fck yeah!! I love  thus game!!!