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I have been having an issue lately. Every time I have Veadotube open, other things I open up don't work properly.  Like when every I have Veadotube open and then open OBS, if I want to make any changes in obs it acts like it freezes (Locks up) so I have to go to the Vadotube tab and only then does my changes prompts pops up. Does this make any sense to you?


Is there a tutorial on adding root access into the program? I cant add hotkeys in

hey i try downloading the 1.4 and 1.3c version for macOS, but the application saying ("veadotube mini" is damaged and can't be opened". you should move it to the bin)

Is there way to fix it? 

Really nice it has midi support, is there any way to change what midi device it uses? I’m running into some clashes.

Linux versions doesn't work properly anymore, no matter if it's 1.4 or 1.3c. When setting a png image as sprite, the program crashes. No logs provided. Plz help or update.

It's certainly something on your end, unfortunately. I'm on Kubuntu 22.04 and use it daily. Make sure everything is up to date on your system, and if possible try in another one.

hello good in virustotal it seems to me that the program has a trojan if you can tell me if the latest version has nothing wrong or is it something that I did not read well

I believe this is because the program/game listens to your keyboard/mic input constantly. It is safe, something similar was reported in the past.

When I tried to set a hotkey. It just closed and crashed. help


how do i open it after i download it with all the stuff in the folder :')

open the folder. open the application

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I LOVED IT! i did myself!

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For some reason, veadotube just stopped working on my PC since last night. It has been working perfectly until now. It'd instantly crash, then when I launch it again it says "Failed to load il2cpp" and when I try once more to launch it, it says that the "veadotube mini_Data" is missing from the folder, but it is here. I tried downloading veadotube again, even with older versions, nothing seems to be working. Anyone experiencing this issue? Or knows how to fix this? I'm on Windows 11, would that be the problem? It just seems weird it'd stop working just like that...

Update: My computer did an update and for some reason it fixed veadotube. Still no idea what happened but hey, at least it's working again now!


why is not FREEEE?!??!?!?


it is? click download now, then "No thanks, just take me to downloads" (its the grey underlined text) then choose a version

i didnt see it before


I'm having trouble setting veadotube mini for obs on Linux. tried windows capture & almost everything but it still doesn't show up. and there's no game capture option either. anything would help!


Is there an apple silicon version of this on the way?

no se como usarlaaaaaa

I love this program! Been using it for like two years now :3


Para cuando anroid no me ire a comprar un iphone solo para ser un vtber

For android

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new version wont run on linux, old one is working.
had to get rid of spaces in folder names, now its working fine


it won't even download it

there's a problem everytime when i wanna set a hotkey, it crashes. 🗿

Do you plan to make a new update soon? Because 1.4 works badly on Linux now. It crashes if you make too many states (like, more than 6) and when you try to save.

I was trying to use this but it doesn't show any of my images or any of my folders for that matter. Would really like to see an update that addresses this.


why isn't there a transparent mode anymore? it only shows pink, green, blue and grey. 

Bro plz add vercion for android ,I Need this app D: .create a vercion for android


this no have a virus or malwer?


help, i downloaded it but it removes from my downloads and says it was stopped during downloading, please help!!!

This is very fun tho! I'd recommend this to any begining PNGtubers!

hello! for some reason when i click the download button, it doesn't actually download... is there a way to fix that?

Is there a way of adding this to the steam deck because no matter what i do it refuses to open

I would make sure you're trying to use the linux version

any chance in adding compatibility with .avi/.mov/.mp4? trying to export a high quality gif so I can have something a little animated to work is pain

You Should make it so there can be a transparent background so People (I) can use it on programs with out using obs because obs aren't compatible with all streaming Programs (Tiktok Live Studio) do you have any plane on doing this?


Hey, just checking in. Is Spout2 no longer/not supported? I've fully updated everything I can think of, installed the latest Spout plugin in OBS, and have the Spout setting enabled in this software, and the source simply isn't available.

Any advice?

im also having this issue and cannot find a solution


it registers the program as damaged? : ( the only choice for my mac is to eject it

This worked for me!! link

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none of the versions work on my mac D:

pls help me

This worked for me!! link

it still doesnt work no matter what i do but thanks for trying to help 

It's great!

Shut up and take my money. This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for!

how would i stream on twitch with this?

my antivirus detected the zip as a virus 🤨

pls what sould i do?

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That happens to a lot of downloads! If there is a way you can unzip it anyways, do it. It's perfectly safe from my experience! Sorry nobody told you this sooner

me sale archivo dañado cuando lo abro desde mi mac

porfavor necesito ayudaaa

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