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No se si alguien me puede ayudar la pantalla del programa qse me queda en negro cuando la abro

saldra una version de 32 bits ;-;?

yes a 32-bit version will be available at some point!


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I was wondering, how to fix an issue on the mac where it pops up the "contact your computer admin" but I looked it up online and found it could be an attribute thing or a quarantine thingy. Wondering what I could do. : o aaa

Edit: oh wait i fixed it on mac using terminal


ah! if you could let me know which command you used it'd be nice! i'd like to include it in the instructions until i fix the mac build for good


Hello! What I did was:

1.Right click on the software: Show Package Contents

2. Click Contents

3. Click MacOS 

4. Go to spotlight search then search up ‘terminal’

chmod +x 

6. Then drag the app into the terminal next to the command and clicked enter and it fixed!

I’ll also show a link: for a better visual

I wanted to ask what I do if it appears as an antivirus error when trying to download it and it automatically removes it

ojala saquen una actualisacion para que se pueda en archibo windows de 36 bits

a 32-bit version will be available at some point :] i still need to organise some plugins for that to be possible.


One question, what do I do when I download the program so that it opens correctly?


on windows, you just unzip the downloaded file wherever you'd like, and open veadotube mini.exe :] just make sure you unzip it (don't open the exe file directly from winrar/7zip) and you should be fine.

on mac, simply opening veadotube should work! that or explicitely right-clicking it and selecting Open. there are known issues with big sur where it says you don't have permission to open the app, still no solution for now but i'm looking into it.

i have this problem, hope it can be resolved :_D

Wow, that's amazing. With this, we can greatly simplify the process of creating a virtual avatar

Holy shit thank you for saving me from having to code this myself lol. I love it

I love your program.

But I have a problem.

Is there a way that the processor is not very drained by having the Veadotube open?

huh, it shouldn't drain your cpu that much. how large are the image files that you're using? what are your specs?

Lo descargue pero no me deja

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Excuse me, but it doesn't work for me, I have version 11.4 of Mac Big Sur and it won't let me open the application, I don't know if they can solve that problem

ah yeah that bug has been reported a few times! i'm still investigating.

When I go on my drawing program everything turns super slow, but when i close Veadotube it goes back to normal,but i want to use both :(

mini uses the minimum amount of resources possible, but it's still made in unity, so that adds some overhead. i can look into it, but it's probably out of my control! sorry for the inconvenience.

Would it be possible for you to make a mac version that can run below 10.13?

i'm investigating why it didn't work already! i'll have an answer in the near future.


I have a mac that has high sierra and the app doesn't open, I tried everything and it doesn't open, I don't know what to do.

ah sorry for the inconvenience! i'm looking into these weird compatibility issues between unity and different mac versions, i'll have an answer in the near future.

Thank you so much!

I have a small suggestion: add a toggable, adjustable "hold" delay for the open-mouth frame. The idea would be that with it activated, it stays in that image if sound comes into your mic before the set delay time passes.

I'm using images that are part of an animation, and with your software, it looks like my character is, let's say, having a VERY bad time, haha! And I think a solution like I suggested will fix it pretty much completely. That's the only think keeping me from using your solution for good instead of my current one.

Thanks, and keep up the excellent work!

+1 To this.
I 100% get that the mic input is out of your control so I don't blame you for sound filtering nonsense, but, I think something like this would help with avatars bouncing lots during breaks in sentences.

ah! i didn't see the original comment until now. mic input hold delay should be a thing eventually! i couldn't fit it in the last update, but it's something that bothers me too, and it's definitely coming in a way or another

It doesn't work at all on the Mac version I have, (11.2.3) I am the admin of this computer and it doesn't let me open it :p 

I've tried going into the terminal and other directories but the program itself isn't compatible in some way, pls fix 


i'm on catalina and it worked fine for me, might be a big sur issue. i'll be updating soon-ish to see what's going on!

thank you!! <3 I'm excited to actually use your software, it looks fantastic 

Hey this software is fantastic, im really looking foreword to the full version.
I did however manage to find a glitch I haven't seen mentioned here. The cycle change for a new model i made seemed to be working fine, it used a static png as the closed mouth and a talk cycle gif as the open mouth. I set the gif to be pretty slow so most of the time it just showed the first frame before the audio level went back down and it closed again. But when it did go to the second frame, i was reduced to a little talking mouth and there was some obvious glitching.

Luckily I checked my gif first and I found that on that second frame I had a little section of transparency that wasn't in any of the other frames. This didnt effect the gif when displayed normally, it was just a small patch in the chest area I didn't cover, but it did effect the way veadotube displayed it. Once I fixed the model, it worked perfectly, so no need to look into it too hard, but it would be good to mention it here with the solution. And once again, amazing work, i'm excited to see the full version.

yeah this seems like a bug with veadotube's gif importer, would you mind sending me the glitched gif so that i can test it here?

sure! would dming you on twitter be fine? 

yes! my twitter is @olmewe :]

I cant seem to connect my mic. When i click on the icon it just pops up as a thin white bar. Am i missing something

veadotube uses what unity provides! that means unity doesn't support your microphone for some reason, which is probably a bug on their side. sorry for the inconvenience!

Ah i see. Thanks anyway!

I like it, the only thing that I think that you could improve is that you could make an option to add a picture to the transition, but is still cool!

Hello! I’m curious in the “full”/nonmini version of this product, there will be some kind of expression recognizer to trigger the art changing (rather than hot keys)? If not, a friend and I would be interested in looking into making an extension/mod, if that would be alright with you (and if it’s not happening in the full version). Thanks for the program. 

both expression detection and official extension support are to be features at some point for the full version, but i can't guarantee they're gonna be there on day one, i'm still testing things and drafting a first version. i don't mind unofficial mods tho, even for mini :]

So the program treats both the arrow keys and the numpad keys as the same thing, both with numlock on, and with numlock off. This seems like a bug.

it is! it'll be fixed in the next update.

Any idea when that is coming out?

no exact date yet, though i'm aiming to get it done before the month ends. no guarantees tho!

Absolutely love this, my group have started using this for DnD!

Just wondering though, I made a simple frame animation of my character as a gif but no matter how many times I try to upload it to the player - it doesn't work.

Is there any limitations or anything like that?
(it is 5 frames long, 900x900 and 985kbs, if that helps)

huh! a gif like that should work normally. would you mind sending me the gif so that i can test it? you can pm me on twitter @olmewe if you want!

Will this ever be available on mac?

eventually! i'll be working on it whenever i can

hello this version works on x86 bits?

probably not, veadotube relies on x64 plugins. i can't guarantee x86 support :0


hello I have a problem with the app for the pc and that from what I see the application only works with windows 64 bits, the problem it tells me is to verify which operating system my pc needs if the x86 or x64 and I know that the mio has the x86 miniOS but does not take it into account.

i'm not sure if i understood your problem! veadotube apparently doesn't work with x86 tho, i can only guarantee x64 support.

Amazing! I like the deer and I like the program, to use it as visuals for a lot of stuff.

It doesn't recognize my mic at all. It shows up in the device menu but other than that it doesn't pick up any sound at all. Everything else works fine with my mic but this. I don't know if it's a problem with my mic or this lol

huh! there's a chance that your computer didn't give veadotube permission to use your can check that on your windows settings > privacy > microphone and then let veadotube use it. it could also be some other problem with windows. in general, veadotube uses what unity provides, so it could be a unity bug as well :[

Hi! Can we use this for collabs with discord?

(i could have misunderstood your question, but) mini has no integration with discord voice calls! i do have that planned for the future, but for now you're probably better off with Discord Reactive Images for that.

Heyo this is so amazing and fun to use! Thank you so much for creating it!

I did notice that if I use my arrow keys, they change the expressions as well, despite them not being set up as hot keys. Is there a way to disable this?

(Also thank you for the update on the pink background, my girlfriend has been enjoying this thoroughly since lol)

there's a bug with the numpad + arrow keys, apparently it mixes the two, since the numpad can be used as arrow keys when numlock is off. veadotube apparently doesn't know when it's off tho! there'll be a fix for this soon, but for now avoid using numpad keys for hotkeys if they're giving you issues. sorry for the inconvenience!

No worries, thank you so much for your speedy reply! And for continuing to make this program even better <:

Hello! First of all Great project, (I use google translator an apology) it really is very easy to use and it is the closest thing to vtuber without trying too much.

Well not if this is a mistake or something like that but when I am playing a game, the OC or the character begins to speak for the same noise of the game it is not a big thing but it can turn out to be something uncomfortable that they talk by itself, I wonder if It could be solved. All the best!

veadotube uses the sounds that come from your microphone, so your mic is probably picking up what you're hearing! that's not something i can really fix, but you can try either keeping your microphone not too close to your speaker, or using other microphone/headset.


i'm opening this on my pc and no matter what i do the visuals are just pink or green aside from the little icons? i cant tell if this is a me problem, a unity problem or a bug but im very confused by it


yeah the pink screen is a known bug! it's a unity bug in a way, but i'm sure i can avoid it since the icons are displaying with no problem. it'll be fixed in the next update!


hi! just letting you know the pink screen bugfix update has been released :] lemme know if it works for you now!

oh great!! i'll go check it out, thanks for responding!

is there gonna be a mac version of this?


i was working on a mac build for this release but i had too many issues with it :[ lots of plugins that veadotube uses apparently don't work on catalina and big sur

i'm still looking into it, i kept it as low priority since most ppl stream on windows but it's something i'm gonna tackle soon along with other bugs

It would be nice if it had viseme support through something like the Oculus Lipsync library. It would really set it apart from other 2D vtuber applications.


ah yeah i've been studying that library for a while, but visemes will be integrated into the full version rather than mini :] i'd rather keep mini simpler.


The 1.1 update is so good, thank you! Could I make a couple of suggestions, if you're taking them?

Blink frame support - gifs work very well, but the compression does funny things to some avatars and it'd be nice to be able to use PNGs for everything

Global accessories - a way to attach an accessory to all of the states, (eg adding a hat) only once instead of having to add it to all of the images in every state

Hotkeys for the vibing, shaking and shaking more behaviours

Thank you again for this very useful app.

ah! i considered blink frames for 1.1, but it seemed to complicate the UI further, and i'd like to keep mini simple. i think these features would be great for the full version tho, thank you for the suggestions!

is there any chance that we could get support for mouse button inputs as hotkeys?

oh, definitely, actually! it's not too hard to implement, i just didn't consider it a possibility until now :o thanks for the suggestion!


is the mascot a deer bc "veado"? :P

fr tho, can't wait to test this out, seems like a really unique form of v-tubing

the backgrounds and characters are appearing pink for me.

hmmm yeah that's a known bug on older graphics cards, sorry it didn't work for now. i'm looking into it and i'll post an update when i fix it :]

hi! just letting you know the pink screen bugfix update has been released :] lemme know if it works for you now!


May I ask what the preferred resolution is for pictures? 

(also Tube is very cute ^-^)

it really depends on the stream resolution and layout! tube's avatar is at 900x900, and i think it's a pretty safe avatar resolution, it'll look good in almost all cases. and i'm glad you like them :O !

Thank you for the reply. I might not be able to stream just yet, but I think I could use this for video projects.

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