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veadotube mini is a lightweight, easy-to-use vtuber app. if all you need is a simple program that lets you switch between two images as you talk, then this program is for you!

-- please read the full description before asking questions :] thank u --

  • setup your microphone easily. simply select the desired microphone and slide its sensibility up and down until it works for you.
  • add motion to your avatar. let your character jump and/or shake when they talk!
  • switch between avatar states. you can add diferent expressions for your character, and alternate bewteen them using hotkeys. you can use your xbox conttoller or a MIDI device to switch between states, too!
  • GIFs and animated PNGs are supported! along with the usual PNGs, JPEGs and BMPs.

this is part of veadotube, a soon-to-be app suite meant to make it easier to create 2D virtual avatars :] (you can support its development on patreon now!)

the mascot above is Tube the deer (they/them), designed by bella!. all avatar examples included in the app were made by them, except for the pop cat one, which comes from oatmealpopcat's instagram, and the fish, which comes from spongebob.


Q: how do i make an avatar?

grab two images of your character, one with the mouth closed, the other one with the mouth open. add these images to veadotube using the first two Image buttons on the top.

optionally, you can grab two other images, mouth closed and open too but with the eyes closed this time, and add with these last two Image buttons .

you can also add motion to them with the Motion buttons , where they respectively set the motion for the closed image, the open image, and the transition between the two.

to create new states for your avatar (to use as expressions, etc) you can click the Add button in the right, and the Remove button to delete the selected state. you can click each state's thumbnail to select them, by default the first state is selected. the Image buttons described above change the images for the selected state only!

to configure a hotkey for the current state, click the Hotkey button and press a key to set it, and now whenever you press that key again, veadotube switches to that state, even when you're in another window!

supported devices for the hotkeys are shown in the app, and they vary depending on the platform, but in general veadotube supports your mouse & keyboard (root-only on linux), xbox controllers (or any other xinput device; windows only), and MIDI keyboards. note that mouse hotkeys only work when the app is unfocused.

you can use hotkeys in two different ways:  enter a state on key press, or  enter a state on key press and then go back to the previous state on key release. simply click these buttons to toggle between the two modes.

Q: how do i configure my microphone with veadotube mini?

click the Microphone icon  for the list of available microphones, and select the one you desire. if the list is empty, try restarting the app! that's a bug on unity's side. i'm aware of some other mic bugs, and i can't do much about them for now :[

there are two sensitivity sliders, the green one (left) and the purple one (right). use the green one to set how high the volume must be for the avatar to open its mouth, and the purple one to set for how long the mouth should stay open after you stop speaking.

Q: how do i configure veadotube mini with streaming programs?

it depends! i use OBS myself so that's what i know how to use. in general, you should add the veadotube window as you would with any game, and enable transparency if you can. if transparency doesn't work, you can use a chroma key filter with the selected background color.

with OBS on windows, add a new source, select Game Capture, change the Mode to Capture specific window, and select veadotube mini.exe. for better results, uncheck Capture Cursor and check Allow Transparency. to get transparecy to work, change the background in veadotube to transparent (the grey one).

with OBS on mac & linux, Game Capture may not be available; use Window Capture instead.

Q: can i use it in my streams, given that i'm making money out of them? do i have to pay you anything for that?

you don't have to pay anything to use veadotube mini in any sorta way, even if you're monetising your channel. donations are welcome though, now that making small games & tools is my current full-time job :]

all that applies as long as you're not a shitty ass person. if you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, a pedo (that includes b*byfur yes), proship, etc then fuck off don't use veadotube mini, thank you.

Q: the mac version tells me the app is damaged!

this is a thing with big sur, i believe. apple doesn't like it when people release apps outside of the app store, and so it tells you that the app is damaged. but it's working fine i promise! here's how to fix:

  1. make sure the app is in your Applications folder (copy it from the dmg)
  2. open a Terminal window (open Spotlight with ⌘+space and look for "terminal")
  3. paste this: xattr -cr /Applications/veadotube\ mini.app
  4. press return! the app should work now :]

if that doesn't work for you, google for "mac big sur app is damaged". a lot of apps are broken because of this, which means a lot of people are angry about this, which means there are other possible fixes around the internet.

Q: i found a bug!

you can post about it in the comments! i read them from time to time. you can also dm me on twitter @olmewe.

please do read the comments first, someone else might have already reported the same bug!

Q: i have a suggestion for mini!

i'm most likely not gonna add any new features to mini aside from quality-of-life updates! i'll be focusing on the full version from now on, which actually covers most of the suggestions i already got.

Q: what's exactly gonna be the full version, after all?

the veadotube website tells you a little about it, and you can support its development on patreon :]

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Authorluna olmewe
Made withUnity
Tagsgiftuber, pngtuber, vtuber
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, MIDI controller


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veadotube mini 1.3a - windows 64-bit 34 MB
veadotube mini 1.3a - windows 32-bit 31 MB
veadotube mini 1.3a - linux 37 MB
veadotube mini 1.3a - macOS 39 MB

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Veado recognizes my usb mic, but wont pick up on any audio? The mic works fine for other apps, so its def a problem with veado

I went to the setting menu (i use windows 10) to see if maybe permissions were off, but veado doesn't show up on the apps lists in any settings tabs ;w;

Please help!

I seem to be having an issue with my gifs. They keep flashing black, yellow, and green for one frame. I can't seem to fix this. 

hmm could you send me the gif file itself so i can test it?


you should make a online version, so others could check it out before you download :3


I just recently downloaded this wonderful software and I was curious about something.

There is a thin grey outline on my png when using the transparency mode. Is there anyway to remove that?

it's a weird texture bug related to unity! i've been slowly working on a fix but i can't guarantee anything yet.

I had a problem with my pc not allowing veadotube to use my microphone, but after fiddling with a bunch of options I seemed to have fixed it by enabling another device that was detected as a microphone, and then disabling it. I'm not the best at explaining things, but I tried :)

I'm trying to set up in LightStream Studio. While I can get veadotube in there using a browser share, it doesn't support green screen and the gray background isn't appearing as transparent. Any suggestions? 

i've never used lightstream, but it should have the option to enable transparency; if neither that nor chroma key work then there isn't much to do :[


I got with their chat support and figured a work around. It's kind of silly since the whole point of LightStream is you use it instead of OBS to stream from a Playstation or Xbox and they add your overlays. The workaround requires that I set up my background and PNGTuber in OBS and use a virtual OBS camera as a source in Lightstream. Then I add the Stream Elements overlays in Lightstream. It's a klunky workaround. It also seems to create a minor delay from veadotube. I'll keep on them to add Alpha Channel Support for browser windows. They don't support green screen for cams either yet, so those people have to do the OBS virtual camera too. Seems like they should make that a priority. 

Every time I download it it deletes itself or says it couldn't download. Does anyone know why?

potentially some firewall/antivirus issue! sometimes the system reads veado as a virus and tries to get rid of it

genuine question, can you use this for zoom and stuff?

yes! you can use obs to create a virtual camera with veadotube in it, and then select that virtual camera on zoom or any other apps that use the webcam.

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I've found a bug [Win10]:

I have 2 audio devices, one's a USB mixer & the other is a webcam microphone. The program selects the webcam mic automatically, even though the mixer has been set as system default. I unplugged the webcam, but then when I launch veadotube with the webcam unplugged/disabled, it doesn't get any signal from the mixer, despite being the only device in the list.

It's not too much of a problem to have my webcam plugged in, just a small annoyance, but a fix for this would be appreciated! Hopefully it's not a problem with the unity side of things like the bugs I saw other ppl report. This bug was found in 1.3 but I replicated it in 1.3a too.

that's certainly a unity bug :[ i'll see what i can do nonetheless

thank you! I've really been loving this software, thank you for making it, and I'm looking forward to the full one ^^

I'm on mac but im having a different issue:

oh that's new :o which macOS version are you on?

El Capitan 10.11.6

ah, apparently mini doesn't work with anything less than high sierra (10.13) :[ sorry about that

Noooooo ToT  thank you for looking into it though!

I really like this program but I don’t have any computers, do you think there’ll ever be a mobile version?

there are no plans for a mobile port as of yet, no!

this is really cool, but for some reason my speaking gif has this black box around it.... It doesn't happen with the idle one and I can't seem to fix

hmm could you send me the gif file itself so i can test it over here?

um so my mac says its damaged or something. can you check that?

Hello! I am currently facing an issue with this wonderful little app. I have my character set up in the app and it moves when I talk, everything with that works just fine. However when I try importing it into OBS studio as a game capture source, and then I select the specific veadotube min.exe window, it just displays a black screen. I have found no way to fix this, and everyone who's shown me have their gamecapture working just fine as it displays the pngtuver in OBS.

this usually happens with laptops, try explicitely telling obs to open with the dedicated gpu (right click on the exe > run with graphics processor > select the option that isn't integrated graphics). if that doesn't solve it, i'm not sure yet what could be :[ it's certainly something with obs though

I try to open it on mac and it says the file its damaged, last time it didnt open at all, i use a macOS High sierra 10.13 ;v;

every time i try to import my image,i cant find where it is and when i drag the images to the app to select,they just dissapear.do i need to change the dimensions or something?


I've been looking for something exactly like this to add some of my doodles to my streams! I can't wait to try this out. Thank you! :D 

This program is super cool, I wish I could use it, but unfortunately it crashes every time I try to upload an image. :(

that's being fixed as we speak! a bugfix update will be available soon. sorry for the inconvenience.

if you dont know its fine, but was wondering if u had any experience setting up veadotube for multiple people on OBS? like when streamers have a co-host and they both have a little avatar. if u dont know thats okay, either way love ur program its very fun and cool! excited for the full version :)!

hmm it's not officially supported on mini! if you're doing it with everyone on the same computer, you can have two instances of mini open, each with a different avatar and microphone. a friend did something like this between different computers using udp streams on obs; i've never done it though, and it apparently gets dangerously technical. ideally the full version will cover some cases like that but i'm still studying it :]

Also having the same issue as the person below this comment, sudden mic not working. Otherwise what a fantastic programme, but a fix for the mic issues would go a long way!

(1 edit) (+1)

everything was working fine and suddenly the mic stopped working, ik its not the mic bc it works on other apps. ive tried restarting multiple times. i still have the option for the mic in the app, it just doesnt wanna work. ive deleted and installed the whole thing a couple times already and that doesnt work at all

hmm now that's new. could you dm me at olmewe on twitter about this? (or luna@olmewe.com if you don't have a twitter)


So when i try to open it, it opens in folders. When i open the zipp in folders, it opens something else. Then i go down a rabbit hole of random things needed to make the game, any idea how I can fix this and open the program

why does it causts money. could it be free?

its free


all you have to do is click “continue to download” when the money thing pops up

I absolutely love this, worked perfectly the first time I used it. however, any time that I opened the program after that it kept crashing as soon as I opened it.

hmm that's weird. could you dm me about it? my twitter is olmewe :0

I don’t have twitter, do you have insta?

ah no i don't :[ if you can email me at luna@olmewe.com then


So I honestly really love using this program, though I'm having the issue of it just lagging a ton when clicking into a video game. I at first thought it was just lagging because of the game, but then I realized that when I click into any game, it just lags a ton. Is there any workaround this? I'm using the same method as the FAQ recommends i.e. the game capture if that helps.

apparently that's a thing with your graphics card fighting over which thing to give more attention to, either veadotube or your game. i saw some people suggesting fixes here but i haven't tested them yet (like this one https://itch.io/post/4208626)

Alright, I'll try that out. Thank you for your help!

I'm going to be honest, I have no idea where to start with that post as I don't know where "-force-d3d12" is...

So after a little digging, I went into a bit more detail for that post so it's a bit easier to understand. I can tell you that forcing DX12 did have frame improvements, though it did still struggle a bit. Might be because I'm trying to use it on a GTX 1660 with triple A games, but I digress.

ive looked at what they have said for the mic part, but it still hasn't worked for me.

when i opened it up it doesn't pic up on my mic, and ive tried using two different headphones and no headphones, ive even restarted the app and computer, it only shows three options for mics and ive tried all of them too. ive messed with the settings on the app and it only works when it is all the way down


i'll have to say i can't do much about it if the restart fix doesn't work :[ mini uses unity's microphone system, and it depends on them to fix corner issues like yours. sorry for the inconvenience

Omg I'm so glad I found this. It's so easy to use ! Thanks a lot for this amazing work ♥️

Quick question, as I didn't saw any recommandations about that in the comments, or in the description : is there a recommended image dimension ? I'm gonna prepare my files on Procreate and didn't want to mess this out 😅

i'd recommend 2048x2048, but in the end it depends on your stream resolution :]

Thanks a lot ! ♥️

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Is it safe to open? Windows says that it can be dagerus for my computer.


Idk if it's possible but would you ever be able to make a mobile port of this? I've been wanting to do this for a while but I don't own any computers /:

how do I download it with linux? like what are the commands for it?

Hey would it be able to add a mute hotkey Funktion? I can't mute my mic alone and if I mute myself with my streaming software the avatar still moves. You don't have to add it, but it would be nice! Thanks for your efforts!

Hi! I've been using the 1.2 version for a while and wanted to update to 1.3, but for some reason, 1.3 crashes after the unity logo appears. I'm on windows 64 and can still launch the older version no problem.

there are a few bugs with image loading on 1.3, and there's a chance that the avatar that's saved with 1.2 has an image that breaks with 1.3 and it crashes.

you can open 1.2, open one of the default .veadomini files on it, close it, and open 1.3. it shouldn't crash after that :0

but yeah your old avatar probably won't work on 1.3 because of those bugs. i'm really sorry for the inconvenience

No worries, thank you so much!

Did you fix the issue with the Mac version not opening yet?


Howdy! I want to use this software but when ever I try to open it, it keeps saying " corrupted " or " damaged ". Is there anyways I can fix this problem? I use a Mac Pro!

Veadotube does not detect my microphone, is there a way to fix it?

depends on the platform! in general restarting the app once or twice should fix it in most cases. if it doesn't, there isn't much i can do for now. sorry for the inconvenience!

it doesnt seem to pick up my microphone, no matter how many times i restart it. i have an old ps3 mic, so i dont know if thats a problem

it is possible that the old ps3 mic is the issue, though i am unsure since i don't have one to mess with.

Hi, I just tried out veadotube mini for the first time and I absolutely love the software! Thank you so much for making this!

I was wondering if you would consider adding an option to include custom idle animation gifs that don't require button presses? Similar to the blink image, but with much lower frequency, like 1 per minute or so. I guess it could also be handled as a state that the animation temporarily switches into? Basically something to spice up the closed mouth idle from time to time with different gifs without having to push a button.

If that's too much for the mini version, I absolutely understand, but I figured asking wouldn't hurt! :)

It won't let me change the image on any of them? Im on a mac idk if that helps but i don't know how to fix it but i rlly wanna use this.


hmm there were a few issues with the file selector on apple silicon machines. is your mac one of those?

i think so do you know how i can fix it?

this latest update (1.3) should've fixed it, if it didn't then it simply won't work for now :[ sorry for the inconvenience

Is there a feature to make the image change based on how loud youre in the mic? 

(1 edit) (+1)

you mean this? https://itch.io/post/3822757 it's not gonna be added, no.

aw, yea, i just thought about it with like... mic volume sensitivity. If the mic volume hits a certain declared threshold, the image will advanced past the default sensitivity area and changed to another defined image/gif. Thats sad tho, could add some dramatization options. Thanks for the reply!

(2 edits)

Is there a way to change the blink frequency? If not, could that be a feature? My moderator told me that my pngtuber seems to blink much too often.

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