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Hello! I decided to download this to test it out, only problem is that it keeps crashing whenever I try to open it. I use a Mac High Sierra if that helps.

that's weird, did you get any error messages or was it just a vague "unexpectedly quit" one? if you could send me the log file (you can dm me on twitter for that, @olmewe) that'd probably help!

would you consider adding a noise suppression option for the mic? lovely app btw !!


hmm noise suppression is a bit too much for mini i think, but i can look into it at some point!

okay! thanks for considering it :D


Thank you very much, this was REALLY helpful! Can't wait for the whole suite to be released :D

Is this compatable with discord at all? like can you use it for your webcam when in calls?

not natively no, you'll need something like obs to stream the veadotube mini window to a virtual camera.


you're a saint

I love this! but when I open it my mouse slows down a ton. any fix for this?

apparently using mouse hotkeys makes the cursor frame rate to be the same as the app, i'm working on a fix :]

Don't use any hot keys ;-;

I changed the resolution of my avatar and it helped a bit but it's still strange. Thanks glfor the program you rock!


love the program! is there a way to make the png darker on its resting expression and light up on the talking one?


This would be a cool feature. I did it manually by chucking my image in and doing some additive layering to darken it.


i don't plan on adding this, no! you can do that manually with a program of your choice.

Ok im on macbook pro and when I launch the app it says

"veadotube mini quit unexpectedly." 

"Click Reopen to open the application again. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple."

When I reopen it, it says the same thing too I need help with this

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I also tried to do the other thing but says the same thing, also in terminal it says 

------------:~ -------$ /Applications/veadotube\\ mini ; exit;

Segmentation fault: 11


Saving session...

...copying shared history...

...saving history...truncating history files...


[Process completed]

oh huh, segfaults can be either some plugin i'm using or something completely out of my control. i'll be looking into it.


Genuinely excellent little tool. I have tried a few solutions that involve Discord extensions, having different browsers open etc. and none of them are great and have some kind of limitation. This has none of those limitations and works perfectly as a standalone.

The thing I was most concerned about it being a Unity app was that it would fight with my active stream game for Graphics Card attention: an issue I have had when trying to run apps made in UE4 in the past. Thankfully this wasn't an issue at all and my stream was silky smooth with the lovely animations present throughout.

this is so easy to use! thank you!

love the program! thanks for all the work you put into it. 

question: is there a way to trigger the hotkeys while in obs/fullscreen games/via stream deck?

ye, on windows any hotkey should trigger while mini is out of focus! on mac, out of focus keyboard is unsupported, although midi devices should still work fine.


I tried using my stream deck as a hotkey but it didn't work :/


Is it possible to have a hotkey that triggers when holding the key?

I have a sprite for when I'm drawing, and want it to only trigger when i'm using the pentablet (left mouse button) and have it go to default when I'm off of it.

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been considering this feature too, i'll see if i can fit it into the next update!


fantastic program! *exactly* the level of complexity I needed and no more. some v. minor technical feedback:
- weirdly high cpu usage; fixed on my end by changing power mgmt options in NVIDIA control panel to Optimal (from Max Performance), which brings it down to like 2% usage
- when using hotkeys, text input in all other windows becomes sliiiiightly sluggish. if no hotkeys are set, input speed returns to normal


ah i'm looking into performance issues yeah, both these issues should be fixed in the next update :]


This was exactly what i was looking for,,, there is one function that i'm kinda missing though and that is having different trigger points for mic volume so that it'd be possible to for example set a talking sprite and then a yelling sprite if i went past a certain volume. thank u for putting this out there,, excited to see what u add next update <3 .

i was just thinking about this!

otherwise, i would've done a work-around where i tie hotkeys to different 'states' of volume :o)

i have a question, im not sure if this has already been answered but whenever i try to open veadotube mini on my mac (version 11.3.1), it says i dont have permission to open it... im not sure what to do!

try these steps: this should be fixed in the next version :]

This is rad

I downloaded it for Mac, but for some reason any time I click on it, it just says "Veadtube mini" cannot be opened. How do I fix this, if there is a way to? 

you can follow these instructions for now: while i try to fix it permanently.

i have a bit of an issue. i for some reason get this pop-up that says the application "veadotube mini" cannot be opened. is there something i did wrong? i am also on mac by the way/

it's a known bug! i'll be fixing it soon, but for now someone posted a fix here:


easy to use, smooth, and cool!

The app is so cute and I like it alot.Can we upload our own backgrounds by any chance ?

the different background colours (including the transparent option) are there so that you can edit it out and set your own background for your video :] you can use obs for that too.

Thank you :) I actually thought about that but I think my small brain didn't think it will work.

I love this so much. Is there any chance of getting a linux build?


Linux ver working nice now!

i love this

I think i just lost my soul. help


this was so cute!! i just downloaded it and i got something set up in five minutes. tysm for the fun time!!!


Do you have any plans in the future to allow .mov files for sprites or allow a larger file size for gifs in the program?

oh hmm i didn't know there was a gif file size limit, i might look into it yeah. i can't guarantee video file support though!


I'm noticing that I can't open image files/avatar files at all on Mac. It seems like whatever is supposed to call up the file selector is not working properly. It says "Could not open file" but it never asks which file to open.


hmm which macos version are you on? something could be blocking the file selector plugin, check if you gave the app permission to open files in system settings.

I'm currently using the Monterey beta, which may be why. I've enabled full file permissions in system preferences.

yyyeah it could be bc of monterey, apple tends to break things from one version to another. also i still don't know if the file selector plugin works with the new apple silicon machines, if you're using one of those. i'll be investigating nonetheless

That's right! I am on an Apple Silicon machine so that's probably it tbh.


I cant download the files

I have same problem. the files is a Zip. 

look up 7 zip

in the future do you intend to make the Android version?


This is perfect, I was crazy looking for how to make a tuber png, but I couldn't find anything, it took me a long time to find the discord stream kit, but now seeing this app, it seems much easier, it helps a lot.

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I couple issues I noticed:

1. Between syllables or words, my character's mouth flaps open and shut wildly, because of the fluctuating mic level during that.

2. Character opens mouth for tapping noises or background noises.

Feature suggestions to solve these issues:

1. Character's mouth stays open for a couple frames after the mic has fallen silent. (it's an optional feature, a slider for how long to stay open afterward)

2. Include a noise cancellation feature like Discord has (they use Krisp) or like OBS has.


1 is already planned for a future release, 2 is hmm a bit too much for mini i think, but i could do some research into it at some point ye :]

1. That's heartening to hear!

2. That's alright, I can get around it by downloading Krisp on my own and setting it as the microphone input for veadotube-mini. However, most of your audience won't know to do that, and so  they won't have any noise cancellation. Hopefully you're able to attach one in natively.

Love the program and works perfectly with regular OBS. However both streamlabs OBS and OBS studio struggle with picking upp the program. Any idea why? have tried both window and game capture with any cambonation of setting I can think of but it just shows up as a transparent square. It does show up on display capture though.

this is a common gpu bug on windows when using game capture! you can explicitely tell obs to open with your dedicated gpu (right click on the exe > run with graphics processor > select the option that isn't integrated graphics) to see if that fixes for you.

i've never seen that happen with window capture though! on mac there's something like that when you don't give obs permission to capture your screen, you should be able to fix that through the system settings window.

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I don't think I had any issues with OBS Studio myself, but I do share that same issue with that streamlabs version.

And while window capture does work, it however doesn't seem to be a way to have it transparent like you can with the game capture option. 

However there are the filter options, like chroma key, that I can add to the window capture. Just need to make sure your image has a decently cleaned cut edge to reduce bleed through

Love this app! Thank you for making this.

Is there any chance I can use recording instead of microphone input? I would like to create a video with animated character using this app.

it's a bit out of scope for mini so unfortunately no :(

I see, thanks for confirming!


Love this app. Saw this In a video and had to have it. 

Also have you consider to ad a thing that some images trigger on higher volumes or durations? 

Like when I scream it dose one png with the mouth, and if a go louder it goes full rage mode or something.

it's not planned! it'd complicate mini further than i'd like.


I have a huge problem... I can't upload any gif or picture at all. Do all files need to somehow... convert to a Veodotube File before uploading it?? It only gave me the option to upload veadotube files

this is the best thing ever JEEZUZ thank you so much


Everything works well but I have one problem, when I add it into OBS Studio I can't see my image. I even press the hotkey (E) and nothing happens, is there a way to fix this?

this is a pretty neat alternative to discord streamkit if you plan on being a pngtuber

also, will there be a native linux version of this? the windows app runs fine with Wine, but has some issues for me like the controls don’t work when you focus on another window and go back to veadotube

i do plan to tackle linux eventually! i already looked into it briefly but i cannot work on it with a virtual machine, i'll be looking into dual booting when i have enough free space for it flksdgd

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This is super cool, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to like pixel art very much. I have to crank the resolution of my stuff to +5000x size just to get crisp color edges with no bleed

Resolution: 32x20

Resolution: 1600x1000

yeah the app defaults to trilinear filtering instead of nearest neighbour, it expects higher resolution illustrations rather than raw pixel art. i might add a toggle for these scenarios in the future :]

I try to download it but a file is downloaded and not the app
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You need to extract the .zip file to use the app. If you're on windows, just right-click on the file and look for the option to extract the file.

I have the problem where it downloads then says the files don't exist


I can not stress how incredible this is. As someone super self conscious to showing my face but loves streaming and playing games, and can't afford the more expensive vtuber software, this is amazing. I can use my own art, I can set expressions as hotkeys, this is seriously incredible. You are amazing.

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