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Porfavor una version para android

Please make one for android 😭


fix the mac version or you getting curse day


While it has been fun using it, ever now and then, it won't let me select the microphone device, which renders my avatar unable to open its mouth since it cannot pick up any mic. I restarted it three times, ran it as administrator, and finally, redownloaded it but still nothing :/ 

I've just encountered the exact same issue! None of the things i tried worked so far :(

Is there a limit to how many different 'avatar states' can be added? Just wondering.

i think like.... 30 or 40

Any possibility of loading an audio file of some TTS voice instead of using a microphone?  Say I'd like to use a MaryTTS voice (or DECTalk) and have the audio file move the character's mouth.  Is this possible?

there is a way, you'd have to loop the audio output to the audio input of your pc, from what I know it's possible to do this via software, as physically looping the audio out to the audio in of your pc would disable ALL sounds

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hi! i downloaded veadotube mini a couple months ago, and was able to successfully create & use an avatar but unfortunately it keeps crashing on me now. I used it 2 weeks ago and it was fine, but today it loaded and then crashed after the Unity logo. Every time I opened it, it did the same thing. After it crashes a "veadotube mini quit unexpectedly" dialogue appears. I deleted the app and reinstalled it in case there was a new version (doing the suggested work-arounds for the "this app is damaged" message so that wasn't a problem) but the same issue occurred. Is there any way to fix it? I'm on MacOS and have Monterey 12.3.1 for reference. 


This is truly an amazing piece of software. Thank you!




I use a MacOS.. I tried downloading the app some times but it says "veadotube mini is damaged and cannot be opened. You should eject the disk image", I did it a few times.. I don't understand what's wrong

get the app for mac and download/open this that way, thats how i got it to work!

Deleted 197 days ago

im gonna be a pngtuber one day AFTER I GET NEW RAM

It'll register my midi keyboard when I set a hotkey.
But not when I try to use the hotkey.

one for chome plz

Can you make one for Android?

No matter what I do, almost as soon as it finishes downloading it gets automatically removed, and it doesn't even show up in my downloads or anything. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing works, including turning off my anitvirus and going through to change computer settings. I've downloaded the things that it says it needs on the troubleshooting page, but it still won't work. Am I doing something wrong?


What OS do you have? & what browser? Some systems or browsers are set to consider zip files suspicious, so they might automatically have that filetype blocked.

On Chrome, at least how mine's set up, if you look at the bottom of the window it shows your latest downloads. Does it say anything like "File blocked"? Or if those don't show up (or you have already closed that bottom strip), click the 3-dot menu button on the upper right & select Downloads. Is the file in there with any note of being blocked? On either of those, you  might  be able to right-click (or click the arrow next to? I forget which) it & tell it Unblock.

But if you're unable to do all this, then here's a guide that might have your solution (there are several sections for a few different versions of the problem).

If you DON'T have Chrome, then you can try using a search engine with the name of your browser, plus terms like "blocked download" or "how to unblock downloads" or "zip disappears" or something

If you're downloading to a Google Drive, sometimes that has had really weird bugs concerning zip files.

& you mentioned making sure it wasn't antivirus software, but did that include Windows Defender (if you're on Windows)? If you haven't yet, turn off Active Protection for that (at least temporarily) & try again.

I hope you can figure something out.
(I might not remember to check back here to see if you ask additional questions, but I just figured I'd info-dump what I had time to find, just in case it's a starting point toward a solution. Good luck!)

I know you have previously mentioned to someone else about you not being intrested on making a mobile version. Or i just havent read far enough, but if you ever will get the chance will you in the future make a mobile version? Or is it too complicated to do because i have no idea how to connect across platforms and the pc i do have on me is a windows 7 and its practically a toaster. I stream off of my samsung tab s7 fe. Which is considered as a mobile device and i was just curious if you had plans in the future for a mobile version to come out eventually.  If there is a way to set up a png tuber to my pc then stream it on my tablet could anyone let me know because at this rate im desperate lol.

Your computer issue is having windows on an older pc. Get a manjaro on it and have fun :>

can you please make it to where you can have two tubers? and so that the second one would link to a discord account?

idk how to set up the linux servers for veadotube which is kind of an issue so if anyone knows how please tell me


What do you mean linux servers??? This thing runs locally!

This program is truly amazing and so simple to use!  I highly recommend to anyone looking to start being a PNG tuber 


how can you get it on cromebook?

I don't think you are able to get it on a chromebook. I tried and it doesn't let me.

Yeah, the top says "A downloadable tube for Windows, macOS, and Linux" (I copy pasted)


Veadotube Mini is great for what I wanna do! I would like to see a feature added for a virtual camera though, since I want to stream to my friends on discord without the hassle of setting up OBS :]


I found a temporary fix for the white/grey outline around transparent PNGs! I saved it as basically a one frame gif instead and that seemed to fix the issue. Hope this helps!

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Hello! I’ve looked through the troubleshooting page but I can’t find a solution for my problem… (I believe it may be Windows protecting me from possible harmful downloads) I’ve tried downloading both Windows variants of the program but as soon as it finishes downloading, I click on the folder icon and it immediately removes the download. Is there a way to fix this?

Edit: I've turned off my antivirus and firewall but it still removes itself...


"do not use if you are a cop supporter", what? im so confused on this one, can someone explain why that is against their TOS?


Probably exactly what it says


It's like the Olivia Hill rule


It's because of police brutality, and heavy amounts of racism in the force. You can look up more about it by looking up " BLM " or something along those lines.

When I open it, it says the file is corrupted


Is there a Chromebook version?






Lol, jokes on you, my biological dad is trans so you're actually accurate. (They're a great parent and life is good. 😁)


For some reason I never can upload my png. Pls help

Your not doing it correct check a tutorial


I’m really not sure if it’s my computer or not but every time I try to download the file,  it fails or it says download error/ removed as soon as the file gets done downloading.😭 pls help


This is an amazing tool! It would also be really cool to set an animation that plays when you change expressions!

seeing previous comment talk about problems download/open - for now just download and opened the program just fine.
though will do more testing with adding custom PNG and see how it works

Deleted 1 year ago

i don't really have time to check in here! and on top of that most of the issues here are either already in the troubleshooting page or easily googleable

No matter what I try to do, it won't properly download. I have everything the troubleshooting page says I need (im on windows) and yet still it just says theres a download error

I seem to have gotten it to work, though I am not sure how

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I can't get Veadotube Mini to recognize my microphone. I have four different types of inputs, and it'll pick up all of them except for the one that I want (my high-quality mic). Other programs get audio from this mic. Restarting the program several times and my computer didn't work. I don't know what to do.

EDIT: I figured out the problem. Veadotube Mini is only looking for audio input from the left channel. I had my microphone patched through an audio interface, coming in through the right channel. Switching the XLR cable to the left input fixed it. I suggest checking for audio inputs from both channels.

Aside from that, cool program!

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I love this program so far, I use it all the time for my streams. Only thing that I wish could be included in this program would be the ability for streamdeck buttons to be hotkeys to switch between states, and then it would be 100% perfect for what I'm using it for! Keep up the good work :)


You can do that....have hotkeys set for veadotube, then add a hotkey on the streamdeck with the same keys.


I have a problem withveadotube not able to animate in OBS with the latest version: 27.2.3. I've got it to work before with previous versions, but OBS makes us update the software, so now I'm stuck with a static image of my png. Please help!

Hello! I would like to know if you plan on doing a android version of the app, if not it's ok, I just would like to know :D

Also sorry for my bad English

I don't have an answer for you, but your English here is excellent, and better than a couple of native speakers I know. ☺️ Good job! 

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(For people reading on: I learned the solution on how to fix the hotkey problem on mac)

Hi I'm a mac user and I'm super excited about the troubleshoot page being up now, because I never knew how to open the 'broken file' thing until now (Thank you!!)

But other than that, I can't register any hotkeys. it only recognizes ESC. I read the troubleshoot page already, but I'm not sure where to find it (giving permissions) in settings, and it didn't ask me to give it any permissions when I tried assigning a hotkey the first time. Any advice?

Thanks in advance! I can't use the states for streams because of this, but I still plan on using this as is anyway ;w;


Hello for fellow Mac users whose veadotube can't recognize hotkeys besides ESC. The Troubleshooting page does NOT go into detail, so I had to look up what kind of settings would fix this, myself. To be straight to the point:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility
  2. Click the lock to make changes, then click on the Plus (+) sign to add a new program to give permissions to, manually. Select veadotube

Now you should be able to input hotkeys! woohoo!

will there be a chromebook version for this?

it was figured out how to get it to work! but official support might take a while, sorry

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