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Is there a way of adding this to the steam deck because no matter what i do it refuses to open

I would make sure you're trying to use the linux version

any chance in adding compatibility with .avi/.mov/.mp4? trying to export a high quality gif so I can have something a little animated to work is pain

you cant. you just add pictures and thats it

You Should make it so there can be a transparent background so People (I) can use it on programs with out using obs because obs aren't compatible with all streaming Programs (Tiktok Live Studio) do you have any plane on doing this?


Hey, just checking in. Is Spout2 no longer/not supported? I've fully updated everything I can think of, installed the latest Spout plugin in OBS, and have the Spout setting enabled in this software, and the source simply isn't available.

Any advice?

im also having this issue and cannot find a solution


it registers the program as damaged? : ( the only choice for my mac is to eject it

This worked for me!! link

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none of the versions work on my mac D:

pls help me

This worked for me!! link

it still doesnt work no matter what i do but thanks for trying to help 

It's great!

Shut up and take my money. This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for!

how would i stream on twitch with this?

Deleted 11 days ago

im saying it more detailed:you need to set up "OBS STUDIO" which the official site can be found here.

set it up and then add a game/app capture into your scene and choose veadotube when its open.

use chroma key in the filter of the capture and let veadotube open in the background.

sit back and use it because you can use it now!

(i would recommend experimenting with obs itself and its plugins which can be found here.)

have fun with it!


my antivirus detected the zip as a virus 🤨

pls what sould i do?

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That happens to a lot of downloads! If there is a way you can unzip it anyways, do it. It's perfectly safe from my experience! Sorry nobody told you this sooner

me sale archivo dañado cuando lo abro desde mi mac

porfavor necesito ayudaaa


This app is really cool but I have a question. Will there be a way to make collabs one day? Like one pngtuber with another? (I'm sorry, I do not speak english)

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This might sound like a weird question, but is there any way to make it so that audio from something like chrome could be used as the microphone input?

Like if there was a video on youtube playing, for example, and every time someone talked (in the video) it would pick up on it like a voice from an actual microphone?

Look into Virtual Audio Cable or Voicemeeter Banana, you can route desktop audio into an input device.

can you correct the error of that program for windows 7 32 bits, please? qwq

It has a failure that the tool image is not displayed and my oc vtuber

dear lord if u really exist then let me use this in my silly little skrunkly win7 oldie computer i beg u. thanks.

i have seen people use this and it looks amazing but im have trouble downloading it myself




it is SO easy to use and the documentation makes an easy process even easier, 10/10 thank you so much for making this!!!!

Having a great time with this program, one question though: How do you get out of Full Screen with Mac OS?

unity apps are mostly fullscreen so basically i think you have to be in a program that is functioning


How add third frame for high level of microphone?

Or, mabe, someone know program like this, but with three "talk" frames per different levels of microphone? 1-silent, 2- talk, 3-scream. Without blinking.


I think no software can do that as far as I am aware right now, sorry! Will be possible in a more complex non-mini version of the app the dev is working on though!


I was thinking the exact same thing! I thought orignally this was something baked into obs because you can set the .db to do specific actions. but thats the "or so i thought" Would be areally good feature for any png application! Also being able to add more frames per talking. e.x: Talking for just a couple senconds shows one fram but after 30 seconds would so a diffrent frame. The idea is, a gif plays a constant animation but that animation repeats and its the same pose/movements. Just diffrent frames would allow diffrent movements like jazzhands and would be a little easier than just animating a whole thing. I am ranting a bit at the end though


🦌 Veadotube is amazing 🦌

Thank you for providing a Linux version!

For anybody that is lost in setting up and using the program this and many other tutorials are available on youtube


Could you design an app version for Android and IOS? I would thank that very much! :,3

they already stated in the dev logs that the android version would be impossible :'))


Let's hope a similar app comes out for free that can be used on the smartphone :,(

The possibility is being studied and attempted, might take a while but we know its a very common request so we want it to happen!

I'm trying to put a hotkey to my images, but whenever I do, the game crashes. How do I fix it??

Try setting your hotkeys on the program before you start up the game? If it's not that maybe you should check if you're accidentally setting your hotkeys to actual keyboard commands and shutting it down? 


Why when i eject the disk image it corrupts the app???

does it require external microphone because when i use my earphones and my laptop's mic it didnt get detected


you didn't set up your microphone settings to your headphone mic ^^ ;


I love this program and in the future id love to see a layering feature, besides that it's perfect

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Sadly the Mac Version did not work on my computer :( It says the code is corrupted or changed. I am very sad but It's okay stuff happens!

Edit: Got it to work thanks to this video

Thank you for making such a cool app!

I'm not sure if these questions are still answered, but I can't find a solution to this problem *anywhere*. For some reason my veadotube mini, even when opened on it's own, (no OBS no google etc, computer restarted) it has a lower framerate than it should do? I recently started using a new laptop that is much better for games than my old one - On the old laptop Veadotube worked fine and smoothly but for some reason it just won't on this new one and I can't figure out why? Thank you! Otherwise great app and I love it :)

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THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING W/ ME !!! I dunno what changed, but I got the updated version and now it's INCREDIBLY laggy

EDIT: Seemed to fix itself when I switched to headset mic which is... odd


i cant figure out how to use the mic i have tried built in and headphone mic any tips on how to fix


LOVE the program, it's been 99.9% excellent the entire time using it for about a year or two now, no crashes or nothing. It's been fantastic. ♥ Been highly recommending it to my friends.

Though I do have a strange problem with using the Twitch-Integrated-Throwing-System, and I think it might be on Veadotube's end?

Setting a hotkey trigger between both programs (hypothetical example, the 8 key) to set a state to 'react' to being hit automatically, has the former program input the hotkey properly (e.g. it will spam 8s into any textbox i have focused), but Veadotube will not read that key is being pressed every time?

It feels like the input will be read, like, 10% of the time, inconsistently. I'm not sure what to do about it, it doesn't matter what key it is or what's presently in focus.


Hi, I need some help. I'm using a samsung book and have a 64 bit system with windows 11 home. whenever i download veadotube and I extract everything in the original  file, all i get is a folder with nothing in it. Is anyone else having a similiar experience or does anyone know how to fix it.?


when ever I try to bind hot keys

it crashes


i have a little problem and i dont know how to fix it, i cant download veadotube it deletes itself or chrome has a download error i dont know why, i can download everything exept veadotube

Hi, I have a problem with the Spout feature. It's not appearing on OBS Spout Sender. Any solution for this? Thanks!

I'm using Veadotube 1.4, OBS 29.0.2, Spout2 v1.8 (release Feb 8)

also had this issue on windows 11 and no solutions :<

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is there a free way?


wdym it is free

Hi for future updates can you please make a mobile version for iPads 


Non-mini version?
We wish to collab with other streamers… And it would be nice to be able to show the other streamers' own veadotube avatars that respond to their own voices.

If there is no non-mini version, apologies for the assumption.

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It says it right there at the bottom of the description

  • "this is part of veadotube, a soon-to-be app suite meant to make it easier to create 2D virtual avatars :] visit the official website for more info!"

If you check the Help, there's also a listed way to collab with friends in the way you want. This is why it's listed at the very top of the page!

I'm running into an issue where I can't use my hotkeys while in fullscreen apps/games. I have to have Veadotube Mini focused to change them.

Me and my friends are having the same issue but not just in fullscreen app. As long as the app isn't in focus the keybinds don't work :( 

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