1.2: ok i added blink frames (+ mac support & other improvements)

veadotube mini 1.2 is out! not a big update in terms of features, but dude check this out tube's blinking look at them

i previously said i wasn't gonna add blink frames, but that was unfair to people making GIF files just to get the blinking eye effect. so i added it! in a really simple fashion though. you cannot change the blink frequency, for example, otherwise i'd have to clutter the UI with lots of new buttons and mini doesn't deserve that.

other than that, veadotube mini is out for the mac now!! it doesn't support all hotkey features that the windows version supports, due to limitations with the mac platform, but it's here now.

and now a list of improvements and bug fixes since the previous version:

  • new hotkey support for xbox controllers (or any xinput device) and mouse buttons! windows only. some mouse buttons are ignored when mini is focused, so that it lets you configure your avatar without unexpectedly changing states.
  • keyboard hotkey fixes on windows, now it doesn't mix the arrow keys with the numpad. this fix breaks previously set keyboard hotkeys! be sure to reconfigure them with your older avatars.
  • microphone fixes! mini's a bit more determined to make microphones work now. some bugs are still on unity's side, but mini is getting better at handling errors, in a way.
  • GIF importer fixes, since it refused to read a few GIF files before for whatever reason. might still not be perfect though, do let me know if an image file of yours breaks!

that's it for 1.2! there's a few other improvements i'd like to add to mini over time, like localization and APNG support, but nothing too big. i think mini reached a good point where it's simple yet complete enough :]

also: thanks for all the support!! it's nice to see people enjoying mini, and people becoming vtubers in general because of this app. shows how unaccessible vtubing is, i suppose! i'm glad it's changing though, and i'm glad to be a part of it.


veadotube mini 1.2 - windows 64-bit 30 MB
May 24, 2021
veadotube mini 1.2 - macOS 36 MB
May 24, 2021

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APNGs appear not to play at all here? I'll need to do more fiddling around but it seems like APNGs when speaking are stuck on the first frame, is this fixed in later versions?


I love how simple and clean this app is - thank you for adding additional support to it!!