1.3: bounce with me (+ windows 32-bit & linux & fixes)

veadotube mini 1.3 is out! it's not big feature-wise as it is bugfix-wise whow this app was broken.

let's start with the features:

  • new bouncy animations! now your character can jump around casually, or nervously.
  • delay sensitivity slider! the right, purple one. it lets you set for how long the mouth should continue open after you stop speaking. this should make your avatar flash less from one image to another.
  • hotkey modes! you can make a hotkey not only enter a state, but also leave it when you're done pressing it.

with that aside, we got windows 32-bit support now :] it should work like the 64-bit version, do let me know if it breaks because i don't have a 32-bit machine and i simply can't test it too far hlgksjdfg

also! linux support! this one is highly experimental, expect things to break such as microphone lists and mouse & keyboard hotkeys (those only work if you're root)

and now The Fixes

  • mac builds now work, somewhat! they're still "damaged" on big sur because apple stinks. also if you were having issues with the new apple silicon machines i Think this one fixes it. and if you're running on older macs this one should work better too :]
  • mouse & keyboard hotkeys were entirely rewritten! and now they work with mac too, even when the app is out of focus. because of all that you'll have to rebind all your mouse & keyboard hotkeys, sorry about that. for developers out there, this one is open source :]
  • animated png support! they're a lot better in quality than gifs so i think a lot of ppl will enjoy this one. if you're looking into making animated png files, i recommend ezgif :]
  • hi-res images shouldn't look crispy now! they'll look blurry instead. had to pick one of the two, sorry folks. (jk it's not too blurry) (just a little bit)

and that's that on that :] it's a smaller update for ppl who was already using 1.2 though.

as for the full version,

it's coming along :] (avatar by bella!)

i recently lost my full-time job and i'm taking this moment to continue working on veadotube and my other game projects that i haven't talked about too much yet. so if you enjoy my work please consider donating! and if you're curious about the full version, i'll be updating about it more often on twitter (and even more often on my personal twitter) (and maybe even streaming it).

thanks for the support!! seeing everyone using mini warms my heart and i hope i can continue helping y'all with your vtuber shenanigans.


veadotube mini 1.3 - windows 64-bit 34 MB
Aug 16, 2021
veadotube mini 1.3 - windows 32-bit 31 MB
Aug 16, 2021
veadotube mini 1.3 - linux 30 MB
Aug 16, 2021
veadotube mini 1.3 - macOS 39 MB
Aug 16, 2021

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Hello! I am super happy and excited to try this application out but there is one tiny problem. I don't know how to open it. I am using Linux but I don't know how to open the application. Do you know any way how or a tutorial to help?

I created an account just for this

So, I have been gaining this error message that is "failed to verify virus" (its in portuguese so I am not sure if it's correct), It doesnt seen to be my browser because I tried in another browser.. It did work in BlueStacks but how I thought it wouldnt open so- have any ideias how to fix it?

seems like an issue with your antivirus (specifically smartscreen on windows), not sure how to fix that though :[

I dont even have a antivirus- like- I didnt downloaded one?--

Hey i think i found a bug. It seems to crash when files are more then 71KB I can push it to 80KB at most but anything like 112KB the program won't like

hmm that's not an issue i found on my machine(s). could you send me the files you're trying to load? can be in private, on twitter at olmewe.

You got it. Im on mac btw so yeah lol


Let's Go :D


i literally made an account just to comment this

I've been procrastinating into using your program for my streams, and today decided to see if i had the most recent version of it and it turns out you updated it like an hour ago, what a coincidence!

Love the software, as soon as i have some spare change i will make a donation even if it's something kinda simbolic, bless you!

(1 edit) (+1)

tysm for making this, its such a good and easy to understand program, I'm so excited for the full version the preview is so cool !!!


GO DEERVELOPER GO!!! <3 <3 < 3