veadotube updates & patreon announcement :]

hi! i'm luna. i make veadotube. i got a few things to talk about, and thought i'd write a post here so that more people see it :]

mini 1.3 image bugs

so! uhhh between 1.2 and 1.3 i switched the entire image importing system to one that i thought would be more stable, but it turned out that not only it fails to import certain files, it crashes the entire app when it fails. fun!

i'm looking into releasing a 1.3a version that fixes everything image related. for now if you're having issues with it, ezgif tends to create gifs and animated pngs that work well with 1.3. sorry for the mess.

other channels

i'll be slowly using more as a hub for everything related to the veadotube project, and that should eventually include troubleshooting information and all. for now, it contains what you already know about mini, and what you probably don't know about the full version ;]

i've been asked a few times about an official discord server too, and that should happen after the site is ready. there's this known effect where people started having discord servers instead of websites and forums, and the result is that information is not googlable, you have to join servers to find things, things are still hidden because searching on discord is hard, etc. i don't want that to happen, so the solution is to have both i suppose! also i'm just one deer and organising and moderating servers isn't easy so yeah that's something for later.


i have a patreon now! [update: i no longer have a patreon! so i removed the link from here. sorry!] for my games and other stuff! and currently that includes veadotube, which means that subscribers will get early access to the full version :0 so if you're interested in that, consider subscribing! it would help immensely.

if you're not interested in it, one-time donations are still pretty cool! in fact, your support through donations last month was massive and i just wanted to thank you guys a lot for that. i'm really glad you like this little app i made.

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