1.3a: images are no longer exploding

so! remember when on 1.3 i added this new image importer that supports animated PNG files? it kinda broke everything else, right?

here's a small update that fixes the entire image importing system; now not only the app doesn't crash with certain images, but it also supports animated GIF and PNG files a lot better! if your image was giving weird broken rectangles, now it shouldn't anymore.

a few microphone bugs should be fixed now too, hopefully.

thanks for using the app! and thanks for all the donations again.


veadotube mini 1.3a - windows 64-bit 34 MB
Sep 09, 2021
veadotube mini 1.3a - windows 32-bit 31 MB
Sep 09, 2021
veadotube mini 1.3a - linux 37 MB
Sep 09, 2021
veadotube mini 1.3a - macOS 39 MB
Sep 09, 2021

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