1.3b (windows): microphone & transparent gif fix

a quick update! the windows version has been updated to 1.3b.

  • most microphone issues that people were having should be gone now!
  • transparent GIFs are now actually transparent; no more blinking colours.

as for the mac version, i'm still figuring out what's going on with the file opening bug, and i'm holding the 1.3b mac update until i figure it out.

as for the linux version, i'm too lazy to boot to linux rn but i'll see if i can build it later.

thanks for the patience! i know the microphone thing was a deal breaker for most people, so if you were one of those people, consider giving the app another try now :]


veadotube mini 1.3b - windows 64-bit 34 MB
Oct 04, 2021
veadotube mini 1.3b - windows 32-bit 31 MB
Oct 04, 2021

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hello!! thank you for working so hard on this. i just want to report that it seems some mic issues were not fixed as the mic suddenly will not pick up on anything at all and now the software is basically unusable for me. restarting or reinstalling does not work. it's a very nice software, i was just hoping to let you know so that this might be fixed at some point. thank you!

Had to revert back to 1.3 as the new version has a cap on the image size I could use, 2 of which were fine in the previous version. (Running Windows 64-bit)

i had to add the 2048x2048 limit due to issues with large textures :0 but you can just resize the images, right? if you're not streaming at higher than 1080p then the difference between 2048x2048 and anything higher shouldn't be visible


Thank you for all the work you're doing on this.