1.3c: gotta go slightly faster

mini 1.3c is out and for all platforms this time! mostly bug fixes and small improvements, once again.

for mac & linux users, here's what you missed in 1.3b:

  • most microphone issues should be gone :] it should now detect the volume correctly.
  • transparent GIFs are now actually transparent, instead of having a blinking background.
  • i tried to fix file opening on mac as much as i could; i'd blame apple at this point, but i'll continue investigating nonetheless.

and now for the new stuff in 1.3c:

  • PNGs have been optimised and now they load like 9x faster than before! this applies to animated PNGs too.
  • when an animated image (GIF or APNG) is set as the blinking image, the blink duration follows the image duration :] this should make the blinking feature more useful.
  • minor improvements towards performance (it should run slightly better) and memory (it should waste less RAM).

in other news, thanks for the donations here so far! mini will continue being updated as bugs are fixed and other misc things get improved, regardless of the full version. just don't expect new features! remember that mini is supposed to be mini. xo


[OLD VERSION] veadotube mini 1.3c - windows 64-bit 34 MB
Nov 23, 2021
[OLD VERSION] veadotube mini 1.3c - windows 32-bit 31 MB
Nov 23, 2021
[OLD VERSION] veadotube mini 1.3c - linux 38 MB
Nov 23, 2021
[OLD VERSION] veadotube mini 1.3c - macOS 40 MB
Nov 23, 2021

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its a shame the mic selection isnt working but ill be looking forwalked to seeing if it get fixed in the future, sady restarting it doesn't work 

but the rest of it works amazingly well and really easy to navigate.

THANKS!! it looks very good!!

Huh, didn't see the change for 1.3b for animated blinking images, thank you, my pngs had a static blink because it didn't run for the whole duration, now I need to update a lot of my states :D