happy birthday!

today (4th of december) is veadotube's 1 year anniversary! i started working on this project exactly one year ago, according to this tweet: https://twitter.com/lesbiandeer/status/1335053633927438336

it also means it's Tube's birthday because bella drew them for the first time right as i started messing with the idea. you should wish them a happy birthday too :]

the data

i think now it's a good time to share some of the Numbers from mini. it might help some developers out there and it's also a fun way to keep things transparent i think.

mini was released on 26th january 2021, and since then it has gathered 310,340 views and 178,798 downloads. these numbers are scary and i try not to think too much about them.

as you might know, the app is free but donations are encouraged, especially now that my full-time thing has been veadotube for a while. i wasn't expecting this amount of support, but since its release mini has gotten $8,026.37 in donations on itch.io (without any taxes)! which is quite a lot especially considering i live in brazil and our currency is dangerously undervalued rn. mini donations have been keeping a roof over our heads for months now and i can't thank you guys enough.

more data? sure! 76.6% of our downloads come from windows 64-bit users. and surprisingly 14.6% come from windows 32-bit users, which is still more than our mac & linux users together (6.6% and 2.2%, respectively). that means quite a lot of our users use older machines that don't support 64-bit systems, which is really cool to see! mini has managed to help a bunch of people get access to the world of virtual puppets.

i don't have numbers for this one but apparently mini is really popular in chile and a few other latin american countries! knowing that was really fun because veadotube is made in south america so it was cool to see the app going international and then coming back home after a while.

🏆 the award for most requested feature is... a mobile version! i may have plans for it but tbh it's not coming anytime soon, sorry. gotta focus on the full version.

🏆 the award for most reported bug is... the app saying it's "damaged" on mac machines! it's apple's fault, it's not my problem, the solution is everywhere on google & on the veadotube troubleshooting page, and yet here we are.

new website

ah and to celebrate we have a new website!

veado.tube has been redesigned (with a new logo and all!) to have all the information related to the project, including the troubleshooting page. the thing is also fully translated to portuguese, and the front page has been translated to spanish as well. i'll be also adding tutorials there at some point >:]

for now it also has a new avatar to demonstrate the full version. or does it?

and here's to another year

(in which i hopefully finish this full version already)

i can't thank you guys enough for all the support this last year; it's been a wild ride to develop this thing and have so many people using it. lots of love from this deer to you. xoxo

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I'm very confused how did you make that amazing drawing I have been trying for a week could i get some pointers

happy birthday

Happy late birthday veadotube (and Tube)!