veadotube labs (and a few other updates)

hello! it's been a while! thought that today (hug a deer day, no less) was a good day to update you guys on stuff.

if you've been following through the discord server or my personal dev log, you know this project isn't dead AHSDHA it's just taking a while to shape up, together with other personal issues that made us delay things a little bit. i'm also not one to hype things up as it severely compromises the way i make things, so being more private about how the development is turning out is more of a consequence of that.  but let's get to stuff!

sooo what's up?

alright so! veadotube mini 1.5 is slowly on its way! it's got voice detection improvements, official stream deck support, better hotkeys, better ram usage, better ui, all that. as always, not big feature-wise (otherwise mini wouldn't be called "mini"), but mostly focusing on quality-of-life stuff.

veado the full is also still in development, of course! i'm just taking this moment to focus on mini because i can't just work on one thing and abandon the other like that.

all in all, expect bigger updates on both of these throughout the rest of the year >:]

veadotube labs

can't wait to play with new features that are being developed behind the scenes? well good news, because we also need people to test the things we're making. you see, as this project grows in popularity, i honestly get more scared of posting a build that breaks everything for everyone AHSHA

so we're opening a few new channels on the discord server, featuring more in-depth updates and development builds and all that! we affectionately called it the lab. it's pretty similar to how the old patreon worked, in a way.

we thought of doing it in a more public fashion, but there's a lot of people out there (whose support we appreciate immensely! but it's still a lot of people) and i'm still a very anxious individual AHAHSDAH

so in order to do this we got an interest form! the plan is to let people in as development progresses. here's the form, if you're interested: please read all of it before submitting!

if you were expecting a normal patreon like the old one, there are vague plans of making it happen again in the future as the full version builds get more stable, but no big plans for now :]


genuinely thank you for all the support these past few years! really glad you guys enjoy the app so far, i never expected it to take off the way it did, even if that does give me a headache from time to time. i'm still very anxious etc.

even without a patreon, i still got a ko-fi for tips and whatnot. if you enjoy the app, consider tipping! things have been hard on our end, including but not limited to health issues, moving houses, being abused by corporations, whatnot. mini will remain a pay-what-you-want app, and until the full version launches, i won't have any proper source of income, so anything helps, really!

that's all i think. now go outside and hug a deer <3

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Best of luck to you! Can't wait to see what you've been cooking up!

Hey very cool! I recommend your work here to lots of people!

so excited for the new version and the opening of the lab !!!!! crazy how far this funny little app has come :o)