the november update

hiii this is the part of the month in which we tell you the things that have been going on behind the scenes :]

how's the port going?

great, actually! in the last post i mentioned Casco the engine is ready (on Windows, at least), and that i was porting the remaining systems from Unity to Casco, but also implementing a few new systems.

  • the image system was ported to Casco! you'll continue being able to use all your weird image formats in it. i also took the time to update the WebP implementation as there was apparently some security issues with the older one (google fucked up big time!)
  • files are also back in! you'll be able to use your current .veadomini files, which will be automatically converted to the new format, .veado, that will be used for both mini and full versions.
  • user data is back in! Casco automatically loads stuff that was autosaved in the Unity versions, so your autosaved avatars should also work seamlessly, as well as your other settings.
  • localisation is in! Casco can load .yaml and font files for different languages, not only from the app data but also from the user data folder, so that anyone can include language packs as add-ons. initially veado should be natively supporting English and Brazilian Portuguese as these are the two languages we speak best, but we'll be reaching out to people for help with other languages. also it supports RTL/bidi text natively, as well as emoji :]
  • interprocess is back in! this is the thing that lets other apps interact with veado, meaning Stream Deck support is still going strong.
  • nodes (the massive system that includes mic input, hotkeys, face tracking) are still not 100% in, but they're coming along! most of it can be just copied over from Unity to Casco, some of it needs a proper rewrite.
  • the UI system is also still not 100% in! which is why we rarely have anything to show from the engine. that and nodes are the two things needed to get mini 1.5 off the ground in this new engine, so we're like, close to the final stretch, probably.
  • Spout support is back in! and it's more stable this time around. also, you won't need Spout to avoid weird borders anymore -- Casco's rendering system is tuned to work with OBS's Game Capture, and transparency fully works now :]
  • no updates on macOS and Linux since last month! because i haven't had time to look into that. macOS is still at the "i need to port things to Metal" state, Linux is still at the "it's been months since i last booted into my Arch installation and i'm scared" state, all this should change soon hopefully.

overall everything's been pretty smooth! a lot of work, of course, but i'm extremely satisfied with all of it so far. i'm hopeful that the january goal is still feasible.

and how's life?

ah! shit's been hard.

i'm already working part-time in order to try and make ends meet, but alas, it's still not enough. i'm afraid i might have to continue taking on other jobs which can and will slow down veado, even though i really don't wanna do that, because i'm tired of having to delay this app even further and i bet so are you guys AHSDFHA

so i guess crowdfunding is a bit unavoidable! not too long after we start the lab in january, we'll have a ko-fi membership for those who don't wanna wait in line to test things. shouldn't be too different from the old patreon! we'll announce everything with all the proper details as we go.

still, that's a couple months from now, and we're already struggling to pay rent this month, like literally in a couple weeks 👍 soooo if you'd like to help us right now you can support my ko-fi and get nothing in return for now. yay!

alternatively, if you're interested in cool ass commissions, Bella and our girlfriend Nat are making Flipnote-styled animations that you can get for yourself! and also, Nat specifically is making YCH Tamagotchi-styled interactive toys, with custom minigames and Twitch integration and all, that you can also get for yourself! all of these help us pay for rent and food and whatnot.

and that's it i think! stay hydrated! esp if you also live in Brazil pelo amor de deus eu to derretendo.

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Loving the updates and im super stoked to buy the full version!
I did my part to purchase the mini version and i really hope more people do the same to help your financial situation. Good luck!