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I decided to try changing my existing avatar and make it into a gif, but the shift from mouth open/close is different from blink/not blink for some reason. When shifting between mouth states, the position in the gif is maintained, but blinking will reset the gif to its first frame and play out the entirety of the blink gif before switching back to default

You need to disable the blinking images, and just add your mouth gif with a blink

I decided to instead stick with static images for the blink images, since my avatar's animation is just shifty frames instead of anything that needs to loop perfectly.

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Hi there! Every time I attempt to add a hotkey, my app crashes. Is there something I am missing with adding hotkeys?

EDIT: NVM I figured out! I downloaded the wrong bit version. redownloaded and its been fixed!

Is there a way to use hotkeys when the app isn't focused or do I have to just go back to the app to use hotkeys? I checked(doesn't work) but I didn't try very hard & just wanted to check just in case.

Hi! I am also running into the same problem ;W;

Running the app as administrator should fix this!

Just tried that, thanks for telling me cause it works after making a quick test

Bit of a conundrum. It seems that in order for hotkeys to work in linux, I must run it as root. But if I run it as root, it cannot access my sound. This seems to actually be by design; most sound servers don't allow being run as root due to security concerns.

Is there a known workaround? Maybe I'm being stupid about something.


Try Wine and install the Windows exe instead of the Linux package and see if that helps. 

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Is this a thing you have personally tested? Seems attempting to set hotkeys with Wine crashes the program, even when running with Proton.

Edit: Okay, *setting* hotkeys is borked, but if I load an avatar where the hotkeys are already defined, the hotkeys work *and* the sound works. So for anyone else who has this issue, it does seem that running this through Proton (like, through steam, but I'm sure you could set up any wine prefix for this and it'd work just the same) and loading an already-defined avatar is the solution. Thanks mpasu9999

Have you found any sort of workaround for the hotkeys to function without the window being in focus?  Wine works perfectly except for the functionality of the hotkeys.

Mine isn't working 😞

Could you be more specific? What issue are you having?

no creo que vayan a entender esto, pero,muchas gracias, este programa me resulta muy útil ya que no tengo una buena computadora


I think it would be helpful to not only allow mic inputs to be read as input for the program but also computer output channels. Specifically, I want my friend who is over discord to show up as his avatar on stream since he can't be in the room. But to do so would require this program to be able to read the output audio from discord as input to trigger it's animations.

It might just be me, but it'd be nice if there were a way to tell the app to ignore modifier keys for changing state via hotkeys. I run into issues where, if I'm holding shift or ctrl (i.e. sprinting or crouching in game), my hotkeys to swap states won't trigger.


You just have to click on the button next to the bin to ignore hotkeys :)


Hello! The downloads for mac tell me the download is "modified or damaged" and won't let me launch it. :( Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thank you!

There's a section on the help page about this!

Por q no lo asen para android hagan un apk y la suben por favor no importa si tiene uno grabar y agregar el avatar por favor se lo suplico

been using this for a while, but accidentally deleted it, then got the current update. didn't pick up my mic's sound at ALL, despite listing it. I then had a hunch, then downloaded the previous version. works... just fine. So uh, not sure what changed in the recent update, but something there screwed up mic being picked up.

Love it :) Easy to use and works Perfect !

It says that it is damaged for some reason... btw I am on m1 imac with latest OS.

How did you make it so that OBS capture transparency without using a chroma key?

It keeps crashing everytime I try and add a hot key. is there a way to fix it? I love this app

mas o menos ya que soy novat

I put it into fullscreen mode and there is no escape. I've tried everything from googling the ctrl-enter and literally spamming ecsc and I'm stuck forever now. Even uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't fix it. Any ideas how to fix it...? Thank you!

It might be your PC.

I think you have to hold the option key while opening the app and click on the "Windowed" button. For windows, I think you don't have to hold option.

Can you try making one for mobile please? You can make it a website or something

How do I/Can I use this for Twitch?


so once you get the app set up, set it as a source in OBS, then edit that source to add a chroma key, and chroma key out whatever the background color is.


Hello I have been trying to download this and I keep getting errors, and when I do download it I try to open it but it doesn't want to. (I use the Windows 64-bit verison as that is what my pc uses)

please hlep


hello. iv been using this app for a little while and finally got around to useing the state feature for emotional states of my model. but when i set up quick key, they only work if i have the veadotube window on the top and selected over everything els. this is a issue when single screen streaming. is there any way i can get around this? ill also be useing Touch portal.

Running it in admin mode fixed this for me!

Finally got better internet to stream, and downloaded this, it seems to have a virus now upon download..What is going on? ):

wtf a virus? i've literally used this and NO VIRUSES AT ALL.

hey im using the linux build (pop os 22_04) and whenever i select a specific image it just instantly crashes with no logs in my terminal, this used to never happen when i used it earlier this year, does anyone know on how to fix this?

Absolutely love the program and recommended it to many people who've also loved it!

Just wondering if it's possible to get it to work with Stream Deck somehow? Currently I have to tab to the program to change to the different avatars that I've got. Being able to do that with the stream deck or just in OBS would be fantastic (or if you can, can someone please help me figure out what Im doing wrong?)

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this app have a spyware or not? 

Ah hell nah

We can't even make a pngtuber in ohio 💀💀💀

They say all unity apps are spyware

Would it be possible to add an option that lets the user select what channel the avatar reacts to? Like, say I've got two microphones plugged into a mixer and I've got one hard panned to the left channel and the other to the right, and in Veadotube I have the mixer set as my microphone device. I'd like to be able to set it so that the avatar only reacts to one of those channels.


I dont know why Veadotube Mini is showing the launch time every time I open it.. If it's a new feature its causing ease of use issues with OBS. I dont remember this being a thing before I updated!

I need to re-add the source each time I want to start up because the time changes every time its open.


not the creator, but under 'window match priority' if you select 'match title, otherwise find window of same executable' it should grab veadotube every time. if you're having png guests then you'll have to do it every time but if its just you then this should solve the issue

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I want to support this project some more, but I'm so broke

tbh it my mac it says its damaged? and i cant open it


I found a solution on youtube and it works.

Hey! Hopefully i can get some help here. Ive got my character and everything in, and ive got OBS opened but im seeing a green outline around my character. Anyway i can turn this off?

You need to adjust how well the green screen filter is working on your avatar. Might need to up it a little more.
Other than that and maybe cleaning your image, there isn't much more we can do when this happens.

Hey, I had this problem to but managed to fix it this way: head over to and download the spout plugin suitable for you, run the file, accept the prompts and save it into the OBS directory folder. Once its installed you can add a new element in OBS called spout2, do that and in the options button in veadotube mini turn spout streaming on, they should connect form there and hopefully will fix the outline, did for me :3

This worked for me! Thank you so much!

As a note, there's a filter in obs called "Spout Filter" and applying it to a "Game Capture" with veadotube mini selected does NOT work. 

You need to Add Source and select Spout2 Capture. Select veadotube mini under "Spout Senders" and you should be good to go.


I love this, and I especially love the license agreement!! Very nice!


is there a feature request place? 

I just got this suggested to me by a friend (pretty cool stuff) but after my stream today I think a really neat feature would be a second volume threshold to trigger an additional state, so if you start yelling or just talking loudly, your avatar can appear angy. (or excited, or just vibrate more, etc)


that sounds like a really good add

thats what i really want too xD remembering to hit specific buttons when you dont have a stream deck is tricky lol


Will it come to android?


heyo, on linux (i'm using arch with pipewire) the program does not detect the microphone if i run it as root.

So there's no way of using the keybinds to switch the images and also having the character move with the audio input :(

One workaround ideia i had that might be able to fix this is to make the app have keybinds that only work locally, on it's own window. 

That should allow the user to use some external script with a program like xdotool to send keypresses specifically to veadotube.

With that working the user would be able to go on the configs of their desktop environment, setup a system wide hotkey to run the xdotool shell script and then it would work as expected.

Also i rlly like ur stuff, keep the awesome work up!


im boutta make a markus one outta this

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On windows 10, I download the file and it just dissapears from my downloads (and downloaded all the software it wanted)

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on mac it says it's damaged, macOS Monterey 12.6

Can you add the virtrual camera feature, pwease!~

I downloaded it but I can't get on it

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