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Hi, thank you so much for creating this, I love it !

how do I make the veadotuber?

you just draw em up and insert them into the file

if you still have trouble and couldnt figure it out i can happily show you how in a visual sense


Veadotube keeps closing every time I try to set a hotkey. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Nice app

is it possible to run this on a chromebook- i doubt it but like- why not ask ig


How to i change the avatar of the pngtuber

click the sprite boxes on the top, hit "change" then select whatever file of the pic you wanna use 


anybody having problems with hotkeys?, I have My Obs working with a midi controller and I have extra space for my png tuber movements and emotions, but it keeps crashing while I'm applying a button of my midi controller as a hotkey.


I've heard running it as administrator helps!

I run all of my programs on administrator and still didn't help against it. but I think I figure it out, that it could be a plugin in obs with midi that could have been cancelling and freezing both obs and veadotube.

Can u play this on Android


Number 1: It's not a game 💀

Number 2: The way it is coded and made wouldn't be possible on Android.

So no. You can't.

i wish this was free :I

(+7) is?

it is, you just haver to click "no thanks, just take me to the downloads"


I understood how to fix the hotkey issue, just run it as administrator. Then OBS won't clash with it.


OBS ver 28 seems to have broken Veadotube. Everything was working fine pre-OBS update, now, nothing. Ideas?

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start veadotube as an administrator

my microphone delay sensitivity is all the way up help

to turn it down, click and drag the blue triangle


I'm currently having an issue where now in game my hotkeys (number pad on the left of my keyboard) will not change reactions on my pngtuber unless I click out of the application to a different screen. It worked for me plenty of times until around yesterday. Please help : (

OH I fixed it! Just make sure if you have to use window capture for anything to make sure capture method in settings for window capture is set to "automatic" . : ) this app is great thank you so much olmewe! <3

AGH! you also need to make sure you not only run obs/streamlabs in admin mode, but also veadotube mini! and that why hotkeys wont be taken by the game you are playing : )

is it possible to set it up so you can switch states with a streamdeck? i want to be able to make diffrent expressions without using up my keayboard space. if there is a way can someone lmk how?

On the off-chance you never figured this out, set a Stream Deck button to execute a hotkey, and select a non-standard input like F13, F14 etc.

Go into veaodtube and choose to set a hotkey, press the Stream Deck button you set up. Do this for each state you want to use.

Boom, you can now cycle states with your Stream Deck, and the commands are on keys that aren't on a traditional keyboard at all.

нот бэд


how to make an oc

just use a drawing app 💀💀

everyting works great but when i use OBS and go into a game window the pngtuber freezes is there a way to fix it?


on mac it says "veadotube is damadged" and im forced to throw it in the trash

fix it please

I'm a little late, however, I also got the exact same message. All you need to do is make sure VeadoTube mini is in your applications folder. You can do that by dragging it to that folder if it isn't already. 

Then do ( command ⌘ + space ) and type in 'Terminal' another popup window should show up. Then just copy and paste this: xattr -cr /Applications/veadotube\ 

press return and reopen the app. :)

Hey, thanks for this! I had the same problem and now it works!


Everything works great except when trying to set a Hotkey it crashes. Anyone have any tips

is there any way to use mouse button 4 and 5 for shortcuts?


How can I fix it crashing when I try to set hotkeys?


Plzz make for Android 🥺

not possible

How do I get rid of the grid lines?

They are messing up my setup. Can't interact with the window while streaming.

Could you make a 32bit version for android please?

not possible

why?The code is not compatible?

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I just got the program yesterday and set it up for obs and it worked great! Until I shut down my computer and started it again yesterday. Now when I open the program I get this error message ( check picture below ). Ive tried uninstalling the program and re downloading it. I made sure I was using the right Bit , unzipping the file , running it as administrator , and even checked if I had the right requirements.  any idea on how to fix this issue? as this is what is holding me back from starting to stream ;-;

Edit: I think I found the solution right after posting this xD. I right clicked and dragged the program and made a copy of it previously and I just tired using a shortcut to the original file instead and now it seems to work even after restarting my computer.  ill edit this post again if the error pops back up.


how do i use it on discord web version

when i try to download the file deletes itself and it downloads on java and idk how to change it

I want to sing praises about this software from the rooftops! So easy and clean to use and the custom states just bring PNGtuber avatars to a whole new level! Thank you so much!

it seems that i clicked on something that full screened the app and now I cant make it go back  to windowed

If you're having issues with Hotkeys (on Stream Deck) not working (on Windows 11 at least) try running BOTH Veadotube & Stream Deck in Admin Mode (right click the .exe and Run As Administrator)!!! This worked for me at least.

Hey, I downloaded it and everything works good, except for catching sound from game and toggling the talking animation in the OBS. If it is important I use mic from headphones, but I'm changing it to the separate one

I've had it installed for a while and only now got to use it, but omg it's so good!! I've made a bunch of custom sprites, and I'm surprised at how great they look in this program! <3

Just downloaded it today, and it works as intended. Honestly surprised given how old my gaming laptop is. My question is when will we be able to adjust mic volume? I use a USB snowball so I have to be upclose to the mic just to record . Once that's in the program I will be more than happy to donate.

Unfortunately, not in app. Here’s a tip on how to do this in OBS. First, mute the VeadoTube Mini window. Then, adjust the Mic bar to a loudness you think fits perfect.

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i cant get my png files to show up when i try to put them in for my character idk what to do edit tried manually entering my image names and it still wont work


I downloaded veadotube mini, but everytime i try to open the program it just closes again, I got no clue what's going on. What should I do


You should try running the app in Administrator mode. Otherwise, try reinstalling the latest version and the correct installation.

For some reason the hotkeys won't work for me at all and I can only use the left mouth button as a hotkey. If you want to know what I use for veadotube, I use chrome OS.

Well, ChromeOS is super faulty. It blocks any hotkeys when you didn’t select the app, so unfortunately it won’t work for you.


For some reason the hotkeys won't work when I play genshin Impact 😭 anyone who streams genshin that made the hotkeys works while ingame? Help me pls ;(

does anyone know how to stop edge from deleting the file as soon as its downloaded? or is that just a me proble

use google chrome


Amazing app, just what I needed!

I love how simple it is to use, yet it still feels so professional. I made my own PNG-Tuber and now Imma use it whenever I can, thanks for this!

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