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Nice program! its easy to use.

Why when i open the program it's just closes itself..? I also installed all the requirements :(


Very simple to use! Good job


Can you make it for Android?


Yeah we need it for Android

use emulator lol!!!!

It would be great if you could dim the not-speaking image, like in Discord reactive images. Great job so far!


you could just edit the not-speaking image to be dimmed, it just won't be a gradual change unless you make it a non-repeating gif

Anyone else having a problem with the hotkeys? I'm using 1.4 Windows 32- bit version

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what kind of issues? hotkeys don't like to work when OBS is in focus, and a recent issue they stopped working when LioranBoard 2 stream deck is in focus. but anything else in focus i have not had any issues. 


The program just closes itself, but I'll see if it works without obs running in the morning 

Still closes when OBS is not open

Does anyone know a MIDI device they can recommend using with this app? I've tried to use function keys, but they end up triggering other program actions I can't change. I've thought about getting some sort of MIDI pad or a Stream Deck, but I'm not sure if either will suffice. Thanks!


i have a AKAI MPK midi keyboard, that works great. but i tend to use hotkeys linked to LB2 (wish there was an extension), cause you can do complicated hotkeys (shift,ctrl,alt,numberpad0) and program it to switch, but i'm also doing more complicated triggers within those pulls. all depends on what your trying to accomplish. 


bro is this a virus???


it's popping up for me too. it even shows up in the older version (i'm just focusing on the wins_64bit version).

I went ahead and joined VirusTotal and looked through the graph.

1) File Name: Type: Win32 DLL/Threat Type: Trojan.Malware.300983.susgen -- Detected By: MaxSecure

2) File Nameveadohook.dll/File Type:Win32 DLL/Threat Type: Trojan.Malware.300983.susgen, Malicious (score: 100) -- Detected By: MaxSecure, Cynet

@olmewe needs to have scan checks or find a way to verify that these aren't false positives. i 1000% want to buy these but these flags aren't helping..


Seeing as this is a 1 out of 54 detection, there's a really high chance this is a false positive. If you download the Linux version and scan that it also doesn't detect anything

hello, is there anyone who can help me?

I have my veadotuber all set up on my streamlabs obs, however, everytime I do the game capture on the veadotube program, it doesn't show up. Is there any way to fix this?

did you hit allow transparency?

Yeah, allow transparency is on. I forgot to put it on in the picture-

how do i actually record it

use OBS and record it in either window or game capture

Weird Question, Is there a way to extend blink time?
Im using it as a sip animation and thought it would be cool to hold on it mor

you can probably just do it as a seperate state! make a sprite with eyes closed and sipping, and set that as a closed/open mouth and just switch with hotkeys whenever you're sippi

Oh yep I started doing that haha, its actually a better solution since means I can just set it to sipping whenever I am actually taking a sip.

thanks for the response tho!

Someone gave you an idea already but! There is a way, if you set the blinking as a gif, it will last as long as the gif does! So you can create a gif that has a specific length that you want and use that to decide how long you want the blink time to last :]

ooo that's good to know actually! 



it's so good

im trying to download the apps latest verision but it wont let me, i tried to use the guide but in the terminal i kept getting "no such file as xattr -cr /Applications/veadotube\".

Q: Is the guide only for v13.0?

I was playing around with the animations, but I then set both to static and I get a BSoD for memory management and then a black screen, no cursor as if the thing is off. I turn it off, then turn it back on, black screen as if it’s turned off. Someone help me.

Also yes, it won’t turn back on no matter what I do.

A follow up - It’s working again.

App doesn't detect my mic, and the list of devices shows nothing (as in pic). I tried plugging and unplugging the mic itself, restarting both app and pc, and reinstalling the app multiple times but nothing seems to help :(

any Idea on how to fix this


sadly i cant open it and how do i donate more

check out the new help page :D should have something in there to assist you, also the website has a link to donate to the dev!!

How to donate more to you? thank you for the support!!!

I just discovered I can't use the app while using MSI Afterburner simultaneously. It either displays only the first frame after OBS detects veadotube mini, or displays nothing at all.


Hey! Can anyone explain to me how to get this onto OBS? I'm new to OBS and I'm not sure how to get my avatar I made onto a scene.


in source, add a new window capture. link veadotube to the window & change capture method to win 10. then right click the source and click Filters. add a new Chroma Key filter to take out the greenscreen (or whatever color background you have selected in veadotube). good luck.

Any fix for when I minimize it, the app pauses until I go back to the window?

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my solution has been to not minimize, i just put window behind my obs.

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Loving the program so far! Does anyone know if it's possible to hide the UI? I ask because when I tested this out in OBS, it would be transparent and work perfectly. But if I tab back into Veadotube to change my avatar state, you can see the UI in OBS if your mouse is hovering in Veadotube.

(Image linked shows what it looks like in OBS if I tab into Veadotube and interact with the UI.)

That's just how it's designed-- OBS is using the program as a video source, just like it would a game or something. So it just sees what's going on in the program (minus whatever color your chroma key is filtering out). To hide the UI from OBS would be to hide it from you as well.

What you can do instead is you should be able to assign state changes to a hotkey so that you don't have to tab into the program at all to change it.

There's a new update that helps with that, you should check it out :DDD


Heya Guys! I am hoping this will help people when it comes to using hotkeys when using a game like Genshin impact and running OBS. To get my hot keys to work, I am using a controller on my PC instead of my keyboard for a start. I placed the VeadoTube application on Admin and also checked the "Disable full screen optimizations" and I was able to go through my hot keys! I hope this helps anyone!

Does anyone know how to set your keyboard as the hotkeys on Mac? ;; I have my setting so it allows input monitoring but it just won't let me set any keys as a hotkey. Only my mouse.

Does it matter what size the image is?


It can't exceed 2048x2048.

There's some frame syncing issues when it switches between close/open to blinking close/open


How do I upload my file to the twitch studio?


you add it to the Scene by adding the layer Screen Share and changing from fullscreen source to the veadotubemini exe, set the green screen effect to hid the background.

I needed TBH because I didn't know


pls make chromebook version of this 

Not very possible at the time but we have hope! For now there's this guide!!


hey olmewe, lil unsure how to contact u other then this, know you have made some of the code open source
(and i could be making a mistake on all of this)
but just to be sure, is it ok to recycle your program via AssetRipper programs?

only asking since i saw a new program on itch has popped up recently and seem to be identical while claiming to have made it via said method stated above, heh. .

and sorry to potential causing inconvenience, just wanna be sure everyhing is ok  (´・ω・)


i thought over it a bit more, and i think i'd rather if whoever wants to use the assets bella & i made for this app talks to us beforehand!

I have a problem with veadotube and it's the microphone, it doesn't matter if i change it, it doesn't pico up te sound when i speak

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I have a question for linux users. Has anyone tried using the obs-vkcapture plugin with Veadotube?
It seems the transparency option in veadotube only works with the game capture option in OBS, but that's not available in the Linux version of OBS. Technically, that plugin fixes that. I wasn't able to install it yet.
(Obviously I can use it with green chroma key and it works fine, but I wanted to try that just to see how much I can make use of transparency in it)

the mic on it no work when i change it


Am I able to use the avatars on consoles?

If you have a capture card that hooks up with your pc from your console you can do all sorts of customizations.

I downloaded Veadotube Mini in Windows 11 and it doesn't recognize the camera nor the mic.

Reopened multiple times, ran as Adminsitrator and nothing.


VeadoTube only uses your mic for detecting loudness to change between "still" and "talking" images. There's no camera-related functionality. Does your mic work with other applications, like if you add it as-is to OBS does the sound level fluctuate? Maybe your mic is being used by another application that takes precedence?

Hi there is a problem for the mac it doesn't let me use it and other things please fix this 

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how do i make the transparent background actually transparent and how can i keep the program showing even after opening a game?

If you're using OBS or Streamlabs to record your PNGtuber and game footage, you would just adjust filters and layering in there to ensure your character is properly captured. You would have 2 Game capture layers - one for VeadoTube and the other for your game - arranged as you see fit. Add a filter to VeadoTube set to "Chroma Key" in order to turn the green from the interface transparent.

Being able to see VeadoTube while you're playing a game - regardless if the capture picks it up - depends on the other game's settings (like maybe switching to non-fullscreen mode and shortening the game's display dimensions).

use the chroma key filter for any software with a green screen.


This may be the best VeadoTuber App ever, simple, quick, and super perfect!!!!!
as well as cute!!!!, 10/10!!!


This is awesome, thank you!! ❤️ Also I love Tube so much, they're so cute!!


The game has a trojan called susgen, Is this normal? Also I scanned It with VirusTotal

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this isn't a game, it's a piece of software to help pngtubers set up their png's to make them work nicely. And even if you have scanned it, most programs like that target windows drivers and such which meet the criteria of trojans, but are just system software. Those anitviruses are designed to detect figuratively everything, they don't ignore system drivers. No offense, obviously, just saying, this is not a game, but a program.

Also, how come only you found a so called "trojan" in what you call is a "game"? Trust me, I am also a safety freak, but really, I hope this is just a joke or you posted this on the wrong itch project.

newgen vs. susgen real


I saw that this program has compatibility for keyboard/midi/Xinput input methods, but s Dinput also supported? I'm making a macropad which will use Dinput and idk if it'll work with this, I can make the macropad use Xinput but I'm afraid that some games might just suck all the inputs from it

any idea how to fix avatars being blurry? i put mine into obs and even though the original img res is nearly 2000px, it still looks super blurry and low resolution in obs... :(

My guess is that you manually scaled the OBS layer instead of changing its values, meaning you just stretched a low resolution version.

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